How I feel after all the Habs signings today:


Chicken McTherrien?

Good Luck Marky Marc!

Take Two: School’s Out

Asleep at the wheel.

Now where were we…

Mercifully, the season has ended.  Forgive me for nodding off during the last month.

There’s no point in rehashing the season that wasn’t: Mitch Melnick’s blog nails it right on the head.

Let’s focus on the future.  Tuesday night’s almost farcical NHL lottery gave the Habs their closest shot at a franchise forward since Lafleur.

Habs never should've let this happen.

The Oilers will definitely pick Nail Yakupov.  But then it gets interesting.

Scenario 1:

Look at the Oilers’ Top Six:

– Hall

– Eberle

– Nugent-Hopkins

– Hemsky

– Gagner

– Paajarvi

Edmonton could draft a defenceman or #2 centre (Pretty thin after Nugent-Hopkins) and use Yakupov to gain another asset.

Given the Oilers’ plethora of high scoring forwards, the new Habs GM should package their first and Tinordi for Yakupov. That’s probably not enough, but it would get Tambellini’s attention.

– If you’re an Oilers fan, just imagine Ryan Murray and Tinordi as your top 2.  Or Grigorenko as a # 2 or # 3 centre.

– If you’re a Habs fan, you get the skill and flamboyance not seen since Kovalev flew his plane away.

Yakupov fits right in with Montreal’s theatrical personality.

The Electric Company

Scenario 2: 

In all liklihood however, the Oilers will greedily retain Yakupov’s services and sacrifice one of their current Top Six.  My guess is Sam Gagner.

Again, the Habs need to be aggressive.  If they are serious about finding a possible replacement winger for Plekanecs/Eller, Magnus Paajarvi would be worth the risk.

A Forsberg, Grigorenko, or Galchenyuk Habs pick would mean the end of Tomas Plekanec.

With Desharnais installed as top C and Eller a Pleks-in-the-waiting, Montreal could procure the services of a rugged scoring winger.  Jarome Iginla would fit quite nicely.

Until then, here’s a reminder of why we follow their every move:

On the Road to Ruin

Top Ten Reasons Habs are Rooting For QC City

10-It would more than likely eliminate Pat “Mad Dog” Roy from ever being head coach

9-There would be a worse team than the Habs in Quebec

8-Half the team is actually hoping Montreal relocates to QC city

7-Poor Randy Cunneyworth thinks it may impact his future with the team

6-Rejean Tremblay may actually tone it down a bit, or better yet, SHUT THE F%^# UP altogether

5-They’ve been working on Nordiques one liners all season

4-The Nordiques are just hilarious

3-The Habs are taking bets on how long it takes before Michel “gang sign” Bergeron is hired as Nordiques Overlord

2-Eric Lindros has agreed to a contract with the Habs contingent on the return of the Nordiques

1-Beating the crap out of the Nords is like taking the puck away from anyone on the Habs 2011-2012 roster: easy as banana cognac pie biach!

Top Ten: Speech and Thinking Patterns

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