Top 10 Reasons The Habs Signed Gorges Yesterday

10. Gauthier wanted to make sure his value went up before inking the deal, he has a Gomez Addams attitude towards money.

9. Incentive for P.K. to wake up and smell the dollars.

8. One of the lone bright spots on the team so far this season.

7. If Gaut waited till the season ended Gorges would bolt.

6. Gionta’s on his way out and Gorges is being fitted for a C.

5. Gaut wants to fill up all the cap space for next year so he has an excuse to send Gomez to Hamilton. (i.e. so he can sign Price)

4. The D needs some stability in the coming years.

3. He’s worth at least about half of a Gomez… right?

2. Gaut’s trying to save his job, so he’s signing good players.  Novel idea.

…and the number one reason Gorges was signed to a long term deal yesterday:

1. Blocked Shots.  His 101 blocked shots leads the league. 

Congrats Josh Gorges, can I get a loan?


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