Top 10 Possible Reasons PK and Pleks Fought at Practice

10. After Gorges big contract the team switched to discount fabric softener and the whole team is on edge.

9. PK took the last doughnut.

8. Plekanec told PK to get his skates sharpened after PK fell down for the millionth time this season.

7. PK still can’t pronounce Plekanec.

6. Team, tired of losing fights to bigger teams, is now turning on themselves so someone in habs jersey wins.

5. Whenever PK make a spin move, called the Subby Do,  Plekanec’s yells ‘Subby Don’t!’

4. A woman.

3. Plekanec’s insinuated PK was a leafs fan since he’s from Toronto.

2. Couldn’t settle who was best man on Power Play point with words… or goals.

1. PK insulted Plekanec’s turtleneck… and NO ONE insults Plekanec’s turtleneck!


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