Top Ten Quotes Heard in Dressing Room Today After Practice

10-After therapy, I go fly in circles with Kovalev – Markov

 9-Hey Marky, am I your bitch now?? – PK

 8-See that guys, Canada gave it 110%, never gave up, just the type of hustle we gotta give tonight – Gionta practicing in mirror after shower

 7-So glad I’m American – half the team

 6-Well at least they didn’t make it to shootouts yesterday – Price as he rocks nervously back and forth

 5-I’m taller than that Gallagher kid, right? – Desharnais

 4- Я так гораздо лучше, чем вы все – Emelin (translation – I’m so much better than all of you)

 3-How do you say we’ll win this one for Canada in French? – Cunneyworth

 2-Dude, where’s my car? – Moen

 1-Coach, gimme strawberry vodka milkshake, I therapy in style today – Markov


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