Ask a Bandit: BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!!

Hey there Franky how’s it hangin’? 

A couple of days ago, while enjoying some good ol NBA action, I couldn’t help but wonder: if the Habs were an actual basketball team, which one would they be and why??

I had a pretty difficult time coming up with an answer, I figured your expertise could help….keep up the hard work!!

Dear you,

I couldn’t help but notice your keen observation regarding my work ethic – despite being a Canadian, I won’t hold that against you and salute thee, ’cause these shitty blogs are strictly for your benefit.

However, your taste in sports is left to be desired.  Growing up, I remember watching in amazement at the athleticism of Jordan, the uncanny shooting of Bird, and the Showtime of Magic.  These days, we’re left with this:

So when you say “good ol’ NBA action”, you must’ve been playing NBA Jam on your N64.

Having emptied my brain long ago of NBA ballers and their circus show, I actually conducted some investigative journalism for this blog.

The Habs would be the Washington Generals.  No, this is not an NBA team, but resembles them the most: mediocre team competes in the first half of the game, only to completely collapse by the end. Never to be taken seriously on or off the court. Perennial also-rans to the Globetrotters.

Then again, anything’s possible.  Hell, if Charles Barkley lost 50 lbs. with Weight Watchers, maybe the Habs can squeak into the playoffs.

Feeling lost? Need some direction? Ask a Bandit:


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