Ask a bandit: Short bus

First, I gotta say I’m a very big fan of your work; That vid with that redneck whistling was the bomb!!! So, what are your thoughts on the whole Krys Barch/ PK Subban incident last Saturday In Florida? I was outraged!!! and even more so considering Barch only got a one game suspension…Is the NHL secretly run by the KKK or somethin’???


Yo Dave!!
Thanks for the kind words, it really touched a brotha’s heart namean? Ok, I totally agree with you. I, too, went completly bananas (no pun intend) when I first heard of this story! I felt like striking down with great vengeance and furious anger when I saw how the NHL reacted to this: One game suspension? Wtf?? This really takes us back to a certain part of American history, namean…and FYI some of us are still waiting for Reparations.

So what’s next? Are PK, Wayne, Joel (Ward) and all the other colored players gonna have to take seperate buses from their white teammates to get to the arena?!?!

New NHL transportation for Black players?

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