A Dog’s Breakfast: Shat on That!

Thought the Habs have dropped as low as they can go?  

Join us as we tour the low points in the history of pop culture.  It ain’t all bad to be a Habs fan.

Being a Gen Xer myself, I would like to thank my parents for leaving a veritable gold mine of coked up 70s TV.

Behold, a juicy nugget from McGill alum Captain “I eat green bitches for breakfast” Kirk.  I wonder if the Flower ever dropped acid with the Shat at Chez Parée.

A few minutes of this ditty will make any long-suffering Habs fan beg to get stanchion-ed by Big Z.  Maurice Richard should resurrect as a zombie and eat Shatner’s brains for sullying his nickname.


About Connie Frank

I like to whittle. I eat US grade A Angus beef. I believe in the right to bear arms and defend myself. I am an American first, a Canadiens fan second. God bless. View all posts by Connie Frank

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