Take Two: Alternate Universe

Last week, I nearly lost my dog Lucky (real name withheld) to a pretty harrowing infection.  We said our goodbyes. Fortunately, Lucky pulled through, so my wife and I can postpone having children.

I thought to myself, what if Lucky hadn’t made it?  What if I became a Father instead?  And most distressing: What if the Habs were having a great season?

Is there such an alternate universe devoid of 15 blown leads, the worst power-play in the league, a pathetic home record, and questionable leadership upstairs?

The league-leading Habs would have no injuries,  (including a healthy Markov and Gomez), a stable trio of scoring lines, and PK Subban playing like Drew Doughty.  Carey Price is Carey Price in any reality.

No need to sign Campoli or Kaberle.  Wish you were here Nokelainen. It’s that fine line between winning and losing that has seen former duds like the Senators and Panthers rise up in the standings. Do you seriously expect me to believe their goaltending is better than ours?

Eh, Jose! This is how it's done, baby!

Well, shit happens on Route 66.  The youngsters have benefited from the experience and the vets received a dose of humility.  Next year (I swear to Fehr there better be a next year!), I believe we’ll be a contender.

And finally: the Canadiens are a better team under Cunneyworth.  The Fringe universe can keep coach Martin.

That was two years of boring regular season hockey.

Is Jacques Martin Rain Man?

BONUS: Bienvenue to our French viewers!


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