Jumpin’ Joe Sizzle! It’s the Anger Management Duo!

How do you feel about naming co-head coaches next year, say Mario Tremblay and Patrick Roy?


I honestly have a sneaking suspicion this was sent in by Pierre Gauthier himself.

Co-head coaches don’t work, kinda like people having equal rights. It’s a great idea, but fails miserably when put into practice.

That said, if this is indeed Gauthier and you’re still GM next year, I say go for it. Can you imagine how entertaining the Anger Management Duo would be? It would be the most fun packed Montreal Canadiens season since the ’93 cup run. By a long shot. Let’s look into the crystal ball, shall we?

Here’s the Journal de Montreal Headline upon hiring:

And of course, their TVA reality show a few months later:

And finally, the Journal’s headline once they’re fired 6 months in:

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