Runnin’ Wild on Darcheamania Rumerz!

Here is your weekly rumor roundup as per our pals on Twitter!

Gomez will be dealt by deadline or waived shortly thereafter if there are no takers. Also rumors Gomez has told management he will retire at the end of the season!

SIZZLE SAYS: Gomez wants to focus on his true calling.

Habs interested in acquiring Chris Stewart of the Blues

SIZZLE SAYS: Remember Trouble, the game? Now THAT was entertaining.

St-Louis willing to give a 3rd rounder for Darche!

SIZZLE SAYS: Thanks Gazoo!

Oilers have an eye on Yannick Weber, as do the NY Islanders

SIZZLE SAYS: I spy with my little eye two Gm’s that are just as bad as Gauthier.

Habs are interested in Columbus’ Jeff Carter, Plekanec + would go the other way

SIZZLE SAYS: A day in the life of Carter in MTL…wake up in dressing room, practice, pass out, wake up, play game, score two goals, leave energized, rip St-Laurent a new one, waterboard Crescent street, get chummy with local fuzz, pass out in Habs dressing room, wake up, repeat.

Habs are trying to trade for Alexander Radulov’s negociation rights

SIZZLE SAYS: Gauthier must’ve missed this.

Canucks offering 2nd round pick for Moen, Chicago offering Bickell. Senators, Sharks also interested

SIZZLE SAYS: Hope the weed is good in those city’s.

Habs interested in Mike Ribeiro of the Dallas Stars

SIZZLE SAYS: Shit’s about to get REAL.

Patrick Roy has already been signed as next Habs head coach, to be announced at season’s end

SIZZLE SAYS: You have to admit that picturing Roy behind the Habs bench completely losing his shit is a hell of an entertaining thought.

Bruins interested in good ol’ Hal Gill

SIZZLE SAYS: Chara + Gill duo…ENT’S UNITE!

PuckBandits – One stop Habs Rumerz shop: The jokes are made up but the Rumerz are real.


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