Jumpin’ Joe Sizzle! It’s the Rumerz Dude!

Dear Rumerz dude,

With the Cammy blockbuster in the bag, do you think PG’s gonna go haywire at the trade deadline?

Dear Fool,

Let’s hope not. We’re talking about the genius who brought us 2 more years of ToMASH Kaberle. And let’s not forget the beauties he had a say in when he was Gainey’s go to handjob guy…(Ribeiro, S.Kots, Grabovski, to name a few).

Yeah yeah that was low. Who cares. Point being, do you think it’s a good idea to get up in Zdeno Chara’s face and say something like:

-Yo ogre, waddup dog? Shouldn’t you be in your swamp, eating people you f’ing retard…?

-Yo Z, the big & tall store called and asked I remind you clothes are made to wear, not eat!

-Zdeno. Isn’t that name from Star Wars? Chewie’s brother or cousin or something?


Wait, is this a Top Ten Chara insults piece? Might be more interesting actually. To be continued…

Anywho, I think my feelings on PG making more trades would be best expressed with the following video:

Yeah…WTF, right?

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