Don Cherry + Dougie Gilmour 4Eva

Okay I know we’re a couple days removed from Valentine’s Day, but that’s alright.

Hey, if many a flower delivery service can observe V-Day on February 16 (based on delivery) I can too right?

(How many readers out there were fucked over by 1-800-FLOWERS worse than the Sabres against the Stars in 1999???)

Sorry Stars fans, over a decade later…it’s still NOT A GOAL.

Anyway…I’m here this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.

To do so, I won’t be handing out cards. No, rather I’m going to acknowledge one of the greatest romances of the twentieth century:

Don Cherry’s love for Dougie Gilmour.

It really was inspiring to watch. As a young lad growing up near the Canadian border, I was lucky enough to watch “Hockey Night in Canada” on Saturday nights with religious fervor.


Channel 6.


I was reminiscing with my brother earlier tonight about the amazement that was “Coach’s Corner.” 

His first thought?

“The fact that each suit he [Cherry] wore looked like it was made from curtains of re-modeled Victorian homes, with shirt collars thicker than a Man vs. Food steak.”

If Cherry wasn’t talking about the ill-effects of youth hockey players sharing water bottles, he was going to get some strange idea out there for the masses to digest, time-crunches and commercial breaks be damned.

“Cherry always has a message for kids in some obscure clip,” continued my brother. “But he wouldn’t stop talking so they’d have to hurry the Hell through the segment and you never knew what the point was.”

Certainly, the pain of Ron MacLean is felt by all. That’s what makes “Coach’s Corner” so great. The comforting awkwardness, served with a side of old-time hockey wisdom.

That and some man-crushin.’

There was never any mystery with how Don felt about Dougie though.

“Watch this, watch this, watch this, watch this…”

Cherry’s heart…forever on sleeve.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

…and always love like a Don. Or a Cherry. You know what I mean…

And hey if your Valentine’s Day sucked, at least you weren’t this dude:

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