Take Two: Spring Break with Boom Boom Jr.

Skillsy, now who's gonna shuck all them oysters?

I once bumped into Hall Gill at Joe Beef.

The Habs had the night off, so I decided to take advantage of Montreal’s best-in-town steak.

Oysters, Foie gras, and a bottle of Chardonnay:  dazed, I barely acknowledged the gentle giant as he left the joint.

The guy that you could bring home to your Mother.

I regret not stopping Hal, more so now that he has been traded.

But this trade spells the beginning of a massive house cleaning chez nous, and a promising start.

Similar to the Rivet trade in 2007, the Habs received signicant assets in return for a defenceman that wouldn’t have fetched a 7th rounder a few years back.

The 2nd rounder shows you how much of a seller’s market it is slowly becoming.  It will be interesting to see how many more picks Gauthier can get.  The Habs are in desperate need of restocking their prospects.

The other important asset is Blake Geoffrion.

We’re all familiar with Geoffrion’s pedigree; but the Hobey Baker Award winner may prove to be a winner next year.

He’s a big player, American, and has a tremendous work ethic.  A superstar in the US college circuit, Geoffrion attended all four years to obtain his bachelor’s degree in consumer affairs.

Boom Boom Jr. must forget his family's legacy...well except his Father. He sucked.

Whatever you want to say about Gauthier, he’s consistently brought intelligent players into the organization: drafting Louis Leblanc, signing Desharnais, obtaining Lars Eller, and yes, assisting in signing Hal Gill.

Gill was one of the most influential players I have ever seen play with the Habs.  A true leader on and off the ice, he helped mentor the likes of Gorges and Subban and will be sorely missed.

Yet I can’t help thinking the Habs fleeced the Preds (I guess the law of averages was bound to catch up) in this deal. Only time will tell, yet let’s hope Gauthier has a couple more tricks up his sleeve – say hello to Jeff Carter? How rumors spread…


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