ODD PAST: Some Hockey weirdness from yesteryear…

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. Sort of like strange commercials…like, they don’t make any sense unless you’re actually in them…when they’re happening. And even then…they’re pretty non-sensical…but sometimes funny.

I can only compare the bizarre nature of what I speak of through the language of Youtube.



Let’s get going…Sa-sooner than oh-la-later…

I mean…

Okay…moving on…

Well..not really:

Talk about one hell of a marketing campaign!

Wait a minute…do I sense a theme here?

Honestly…the past is a strange place…

This commercial also starts off with the camera shot in a strange place:

Ok and…what in the world was going on here?

Can someone breakdown this plot for me? Creepy Ronald…Bambi…a kid falls…I mean…what?

Not quite as creepy…but equally as odd…

Why did the refs get tangled? And how about that jingle?

Back to our earlier theme…

Were they wearing Sasson jeans?

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