Top Ten Reasons Habs are Rooting For QC City

10-It would more than likely eliminate Pat “Mad Dog” Roy from ever being head coach

9-There would be a worse team than the Habs in Quebec

8-Half the team is actually hoping Montreal relocates to QC city

7-Poor Randy Cunneyworth thinks it may impact his future with the team

6-Rejean Tremblay may actually tone it down a bit, or better yet, SHUT THE F%^# UP altogether

5-They’ve been working on Nordiques one liners all season

4-The Nordiques are just hilarious

3-The Habs are taking bets on how long it takes before Michel “gang sign” Bergeron is hired as Nordiques Overlord

2-Eric Lindros has agreed to a contract with the Habs contingent on the return of the Nordiques

1-Beating the crap out of the Nords is like taking the puck away from anyone on the Habs 2011-2012 roster: easy as banana cognac pie biach!


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One response to “Top Ten Reasons Habs are Rooting For QC City

  • Cpt_Handsome

    I normally like stuff from this site but this was a lil weak… seemed rushed and cheap….I’m not trying to be a jerk… you normally do a great job, I just felt this was lacking the usual quality….

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