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Now That Gill is Gone…

Now that Penalty Killing specialist Hal Gill has been traded, members of the Canadiens organization will have to step up to fill the hole he left.

Firstly, the Defensive Corps will have to work harder and longer to compensate for the minutes that Gill won’t be on the ice.

Secondly, the Bell Centre Crew is employing another Zamboni driver, also to compensate for the minutes that Gill won’t be on the ice.


Cammy’s Previous Career

There’s been a lot of talk about how Cammy hasn’t been tough enough this season. How he hasn’t been going into the corners, hasn’t been putting his body in harm’s way and so forth.

I really don’t understand why the toughness and killer instinct from his previous career hasn’t carried over.

Here’s a pic from his days as a Street Fighter:





Gern’s Tern: Habs’ Resolutions

Like so many of us, as the year winds down the Habs are making some resolutions for the new year, here’s a sampling of what they resolve to do in

Scott Gomez: I resolve to score a goal in 2012.

David Desharnais: I resolve to finally get those platform skates.

Randy Cunneyworth: I resolve to learn a second language… now, I just have to decide on which.

Emelin: я ударит сильнее других игроков

Cammy:  I resolve to petition the league to make the posts thinner.

Price: I resolve to be the best player on the team…  Mission Accomplished

Moen: I resolve to stay off the bong.

Markov: I resolve to play a game of hockey.

Max-Pac:  I resolve to forgive Shanny for the suspension.

PK: I resolve to get my groove back!

Pierre Gauthier:  I resolve to finally make an appointment with a therapist to help get over my fear of the media.

Darche: I resolve to get back on the Power Play.

Plekanec: I resolve to stop hiding my hickeys under turtlenecks.

Cole: I resolve to show some of the other Habs how to crash the net.

Jacques Martin: I resolve to read more:

Happy New Year!

Gern’s Tern: Cammy In The Corners

Is it just me or does Cammy seem to channel Roger Dorn from Major League every time he needs to go into the corners for a puck?


Gern’s Tern: Big Habs Trade Rumor

Word on the street is the Habs are about to make a big move…

Is it Bobby Ryan you ask?

Nope.  Not Ryan

Is it Alexander Semin?

Nope. Wrong again.

It’s those red, white and blue gloves that Hossa had made a couple years back!!! Remember that?

It was another one of the many times we were fooling ourselves into thinking the Habs will make a big trade!!

Congrats on the trade PG!