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How I feel after all the Habs signings today:


Chicken McTherrien?

Good Luck Marky Marc!

Top Ten Reasons Habs are Rooting For QC City

10-It would more than likely eliminate Pat “Mad Dog” Roy from ever being head coach

9-There would be a worse team than the Habs in Quebec

8-Half the team is actually hoping Montreal relocates to QC city

7-Poor Randy Cunneyworth thinks it may impact his future with the team

6-Rejean Tremblay may actually tone it down a bit, or better yet, SHUT THE F%^# UP altogether

5-They’ve been working on Nordiques one liners all season

4-The Nordiques are just hilarious

3-The Habs are taking bets on how long it takes before Michel “gang sign” Bergeron is hired as Nordiques Overlord

2-Eric Lindros has agreed to a contract with the Habs contingent on the return of the Nordiques

1-Beating the crap out of the Nords is like taking the puck away from anyone on the Habs 2011-2012 roster: easy as banana cognac pie biach!

Top Ten: Speech and Thinking Patterns

10 – 

9 –  

8 – 

7 – 

6 – 

5 – 

4 – 

3 – 

2 – 


Long Live Aragorn!

Take Two: A Tale of 2 GMs

Not much different from Cherry and Burke...

Last weekend, Hockey Night in Canada’s resident odd couple – Ron and Don – criticized Burke’s shortcomings as a GM, including some ridiculous notion that the Leafs should have more Ontario born players, although it appears Grapes has accidentally hit the mark.

(CBC’s contract with the NHL is up in 2 years.  I get the feeling the Canadian crown corporation won’t have the buckazoids to compete with media giants such as Bell and Rogers – who also own the Leafs – to renew Hockey Night in Canada, so they are content with slamming the league and its owners when given the opportunity.)

Habs fans will certainly be familiar with this argument regarding the lack of Francophone players. There are exactly two Quebec-born players on the Habs roster today.  Just like the Leafs, perhaps the ridiculous media-frenzy that feeds off the team is exactly why home-grown players avoid their hometown in the first place.

Shortly thereafter the CBC debacle, Burke hangs up on radio host John Moore when asked about his own job security.  (Newstalk Radio 2010 Toronto is owned by Astral Media – let the non-news blitz commence!)

As of today, the media is still crying bloody murder over Burke’s alleged hatchet job on Cherry. (Now it’s Sun Media’s turn.)

Others are suggesting that Don should retire. (Wouldn’t be complete without you, Postmedia Network Inc.)

...Not much different from Statler and Waldorf.

Don Cherry is many a thing, but a journalist he is not.  But he is entitled to his opinion so long as CBC continues to milk cash out of his shrivelled udders.  His criticism of Burke magnifies the real issue: that the GM’s Leafs are sinking badly and that it will most likely cost Burke his job at season’s end.

Burke’s ego keeps getting in the way of the Leaf’s success.  This is the very same reason Gauthier is alone on his sinking ship.

Much like the Gainey/Gauthier era in Montreal, neither team’s 5, 7, or even 9 year plans seem to have paid off.  In fact, both teams may be worse off than they were before. In spite of a coaching change, both team’s problems lie deeper than defensive zone coverage or goaltending strategies.  The two extremes of the GM styles have lead these two franchises astray.

Burke’s stubbornness in shaping the Leafs team in his own image has seriously jeopardized their future.  Sure, the Leafs are nowhere as bad as the last few years of the Mat Sundin era, but they haven’t improved any more than a team like the Florida Panthers.  Signing Grabovski will do little to quell the anti-Burke uprising (how is he worth more than Phil Kessel?), nor will his suspect draft choices (Luke Schenn chosen over  Tyler Myers? Alex Pietrangelo? Erik Karlsson???).

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. - Revelation 22:13

Mr. Burke, on behalf of the blogsophere of hockey enthusiasts – your number is up.  You cannot bully your way out of the hole you have dug for the team and yourself.  Roger and Bell, your new parents, are most definitely evaluating the situation until season’s end before putting you up for adoption.

For my money, Rosie DiManno’s piece is bang on.

Both Brian Burke and Pierre Gauthier have underestimated the power of the media.  One tries to bully; the other tries to hide.  These are two extremes that must be avoided by the future GMs of these teams.  A younger, more social media-friendly skipper will significantly improve how the Leafs’ and Habs’ perform on and off the ice.