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Habs & Razz:

Anything Habs related, or Razz Related.

Midnight Misquotes:

Every night a famous quote gets misquoted in a Habs relevant kinda way.

Top Ten:

Hockey related Top ten Lists.

Behind Enemy Lines:

PuckBandits Gern Blanston is a dyed-in-the-wool- Habs fan that now finds himself Behind Enemy Lines, living in Leafs Nation. These are his stories.

Gern’s Tern:

Gern’s take on this and/or that.

Take Two:

Connie Frank Takes Two to crap all over you.

Ask a Bandit :

Self-Explanatory: send us a question, we answer it.

Rumerz :

Joe Sizzle comments on all the latest Habs trade rumors on Twitter

PuckBooth :

Funny puckin’ pics

Weird Pucks :

Jules Winnfield comments on the weirdest Hockey/Sports/Anything Goes video’s on the web

US :

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