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No more Cammy Rumerz

Happy Monday to all!

Joe Sizzle

First off, I’d like to clear something up. I received several e-mails after my last Rumerz column saying I was a fake, a fraud, etc. etc.

To be clear, I am not an inside trade rumor source. These are not my rumors. What we do at PB, is collect the best/hottest Habs related trade rumors off Twitter, and comment on them. So instead of you scouring the net for your Habs rumor fix, it’s all right here for you.

‘Nuff of that, here goes the Rumerz:

Habs interested in Stoll, J.Johnson. Also rumor of a Gill for Penner deal straight up.

SIZZLE SAYS: Good ol’ Hal Gill. Gonna miss the friendly giant. Remember how great he was in this movie?

Habs talking to ‘Canes interested in T Ruutu, Gleason/Allen, Sutter

SIZZLE SAYS: Yes more useless D! Ruutu/Sutter sounds good though. Pick a smurf Rutherford, any smurf.

Oilers want Weber or Campoli, offering Peckham/Eager

SIZZLE SAYS: What is toughness? Is that when people hit each other? Us Hab fans can’t recall.

Price + PK for Getzlaf, Hiller, Fowler

SIZZLE SAYS: Riiiight. I want to be the first person to walk on Pluto. Next.

Habs interested in Paul Stastny, Pleks + pick+ D-Man

SIZZLE SAYS: I’ll take Pleks thank you very much.

Habs still interested in Brassard

SIZZLE SAYS: Can I get a cup of coffee, 1 milk 1 sugar. Thanks.

Habs looking to deal A. Kots at deadline

SIZZLE SAYS: Absolutely. Trade a big winger who hits and consistently scores 20+ goals a year. Who needs him!

PuckBandits –¬†One stop Habs¬†Rumerz shop: The jokes are made up but the Rumerz are real.