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Top Ten: Speech and Thinking Patterns

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Rumerz: 30 Hours Away…

We’re about 30 hours away from what has by far become the most entertaining event of the Montreal Canadiens season: a visit to the sugar shack with uncle Hal Gill! He’s flying back up to take all the kids (Habs)!

Apparently Hal has now become a rapping sensation in Nashville! All his rhymes are about lying down on the PK in Montreal! His debut tape (he keeps it real) entitled “Lying down be hard yo” is now available on the Predators official website!

Time to get serious. We all know I’m referring to the trade deadline here. Who’s staying, who’s going, that’s what we all want to know. Brace yourselves people, with Sir Tomas-Kaberle-is-a-good-idea at the helm, we’re in for a hell of a ride….

And with that, here are the hottest Rumerz on Twitter for you to feast on. Enjoy!

Habs are shopping Tomas Plekanec. Looking for a player for player deal. Rumors have him going to Florida for Jonathan Huberdeau.

SIZZLE SAYS: Here’s what Gauthier and Gainey are really doing until 3pm tomorrow.

Geoff Molson is acting GM until the end of the season. Pierre Gauthier has no power to make any moves. Also, S. Savard is involved in day to day operations

SIZZLE SAYS: I actually believe Geoff Molson as GM would make Gauthier look like Amanda Seyfried to a drunk on St-Paddy’s day. There’s a good lad, um, lass…huh?

Andrei Kots to Nashville for Roman Josi + pick. Habs want Tootoo.

SIZZLE SAYS: PG and BG are huge fans of the Swiss national team’s D-corps. Team Swiss Unite!

San Jose interested in Rene Bourque and AK

SIZZLE SAYS: Oh Rene, you had us all fooled. Wait, no, actually you never did.

Habs still in the running for D. Brassard, though Tampa now has the inside track

SIZZLE SAYS: Yawwwwn. In other news, I just opened a box of Cracker Jack for the first box in five years. It’s still gross.

Habs will retain Moen. Though they haven’t contacted his agent at all

SIZZLE SAYS: Goat will have to serenade Travis for him to stay.

Not much huh? I can honestly say I expected more from these rumor-mongers at this time of the year. Stay tuned for the Aftermath this week! Enjoy the madness folks!

PuckBandits – One stop Habs Rumerz shop: The jokes are made up but the Rumerz are real.

Take Two: Spring Break with Boom Boom Jr.

Skillsy, now who's gonna shuck all them oysters?

I once bumped into Hall Gill at Joe Beef.

The Habs had the night off, so I decided to take advantage of Montreal’s best-in-town steak.

Oysters, Foie gras, and a bottle of Chardonnay:  dazed, I barely acknowledged the gentle giant as he left the joint.

The guy that you could bring home to your Mother.

I regret not stopping Hal, more so now that he has been traded.

But this trade spells the beginning of a massive house cleaning chez nous, and a promising start.

Similar to the Rivet trade in 2007, the Habs received signicant assets in return for a defenceman that wouldn’t have fetched a 7th rounder a few years back.

The 2nd rounder shows you how much of a seller’s market it is slowly becoming.  It will be interesting to see how many more picks Gauthier can get.  The Habs are in desperate need of restocking their prospects.

The other important asset is Blake Geoffrion.

We’re all familiar with Geoffrion’s pedigree; but the Hobey Baker Award winner may prove to be a winner next year.

He’s a big player, American, and has a tremendous work ethic.  A superstar in the US college circuit, Geoffrion attended all four years to obtain his bachelor’s degree in consumer affairs.

Boom Boom Jr. must forget his family's legacy...well except his Father. He sucked.

Whatever you want to say about Gauthier, he’s consistently brought intelligent players into the organization: drafting Louis Leblanc, signing Desharnais, obtaining Lars Eller, and yes, assisting in signing Hal Gill.

Gill was one of the most influential players I have ever seen play with the Habs.  A true leader on and off the ice, he helped mentor the likes of Gorges and Subban and will be sorely missed.

Yet I can’t help thinking the Habs fleeced the Preds (I guess the law of averages was bound to catch up) in this deal. Only time will tell, yet let’s hope Gauthier has a couple more tricks up his sleeve – say hello to Jeff Carter? How rumors spread…

Top Ten Hal Gill Thoughts Yesterday

10-Man I’m hungry.


8-It might be best if I just kill Subban…no one can babysit like me.

7-Where’s Nashville anyway?


5-Oh man, I’m gonna wedgie the shit out of Sergei.

4-You know what, maybe I’ll leave the coaches a manual on how to lie down effectively on the PK.

3-I should probably inform Lord Chara.

2-Good thing we’re not expecting another shrub.

1-Christopher Lee shall guide thee Hal, Christopher Lee shall guide thee.

Take Two: Be My %$@! Valentine.

From PG with Love: Will Cupid strike these players?

As the title suggests, I am contractually obligated by my editors to write one holiday-themed column per year of my choice.

This year, I “celebrate” Valentine’s Day.

Before you start giving me the googly-eyes and think I have gone soft, remember this: my wife gave me an ultimatum – give me a gift this year or else there’s a couch with your name on it. So if you’re reading honey, surprise.  This Valentine’s for you.

Trade Deadline bon-bons: Habs fans have displayed a combination of bravery and blindness during this recent roller coaster segment of the post-All Star game season. Lotsa promise from some individuals auditioning for next season, but it’s almost time to jettison some of the expired chocolates from the box…

Hal GillHot commodity (see #7).  Very unGill-like to be so quiet in the dressing room recently. He knows he’s toast. Maybe he can come back as an assistant coach. Philly, Pittsburgh, and maybe even the St. Louis (see #6) could be interested.

Travis Moen – Only 29 years old, the Habs are going to resign him or he’s done like a Swanson Hungry Man’s Dinner. San Jose and Vancouver seem likely destinations.

Chris Campoli – If there was ever a lame duck dead on arrival, it’s Campoli. After his early season injury, he was never able to prove his $2 million dollar value to the Habs and should be shed immediately. Doesn’t sound like he wants to be here either. Habs have been showcasing him like mad recently, but he’s as valuable as Tomas Kaberle at the moment. Ironically, the struggling Blackhawks (paragraph 8) could reacquire Campoli.


Andrei Kostitsyn – The Prodigal Son departeth. After a strong first half season, brother Kosts has faded back to his usual obscurity. Despite his desire to stay at a hometown discount, I think it’s time to cut the cord. Sniffing from Colorado, Los Angeles, and obviously Nashville.

I’ll show some more love for Weber, Gomez, Kaberle, and yes, even Plekanec next time.