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Patrick Stewart brings you: All-Star Rumerz!

Make it so Count, Make it so

Intro’s bore me. Let’s get to the goods:

Habs looking at NJ ‘s Parise, would have to give up 1st rounder plus. Also interested in Clarkson

SIZZLE SAYS: Giving up this year’s first rounder would certainly move Gauthier into contention with Reggie Houle for Best GM of all time.

Habs interested in Kings Jarret Stoll, Kyle Clifford, Andrei Loktionov, D. Brown, D. Penner, Matt Green Kings looking for A Kots, Moen, Weber

SIZZLE SAYS: Habs also interested in acquiring the city of Hollywood, Kobe Bryant, and the Terminator’s bastard child.

Habs interested in Buffallo’s D. Roy-who may already be looking for a house in MTL

SIZZLE SAYS: Hey Derek, got a lead on a new place for you. It’s near the airport, big, looks like a plane, and it brings your ass right back to Buffallo.

Habs interested in Blues’ C.Stewart

SIZZLE SAYS: Patrick Stewart is the best Captain ever to grace the set of Star Trek.

Gomez to Phoenix?

SIZZLE SAYS: I plead the fif

Kots will be signed for 3 yrs/10M, or dealt by deadline

SIZZLE SAYS: We may score a goal tonight, or we may not.

Habs interested in Getzlaf. Package would include Subban. Also interested in Ryan.

SIZZLE SAYS: Can all you PK haters just shut the f&$% up already? Our D is terrible, and you want to trade our best defenceman?!

Habs interested in Staal, Canes asking Pleks and Subban. Another report says Pleks + AK46 for Staal, 3rd rounder.

SIZZLE SAYS: Why is Carolina still in the NHL?

Habs interested in Stastny. Pleks + Weber the other way.


PuckBandits – One stop Habs Rumerz shop: The jokes are made up but the Rumerz are real.