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Take Two: Habs must draft Grigorenko

Prospect Roulette

The Fail for Nail, Blow for Grigorenko, and the Suck for Galchenyuk.

Even before the Habs playoffs hopes were flushed down the toilet, fans were clamoring for a Habs meltdown for a shot at a top 5 pick.  The last time they picked so high, they plucked their current franchise goaltender from unsuspecting loser teams.

(Is there a player besides Crosby from the 2005 draft as valuable as Price?)

Will it be Galchenyuk? Forsberg? Grigorenko? Or maybe the top dog, Nail Yakupov?

Habs fans would love to draft one of the aforementioned players, especially an imposing centreman like the 6′ 3″, 200 lbs. Mikhail Grigorenko.

Malkin in the Making?

Everybody and their pet monkey is an armchair GM: fan boards are espousing their “educated” guesses on who they feel the Habs should draft:

–        We need more size at centre a la Beliveau;

–        We need to draft the best available player a la Gainey/Timmins;

–        We should build from the goalie out and draft a big hulking D man like the Predators model.

So-called experts such as Bob MacKenzie, Craig Button, McKeen’s Hockey, and Central Scouting scramble to one-up each other on the latest player rankings.   Every waking moment of these teenager’s lives is analyzed.  Professional scouts show up in the dozens to minor league hockey games amid the throngs of aggressive parents and crazed groupies hoping to glimpse at the next big thing in the NHL (“hey, I knew Crosby from his Rimouski days”, blah, blah).

Save for a couple of blue chippers, it’s impossible to predict how an adolescent will mature as a hockey player.  But it’s clear the Habs need to hit a home run with this year’s pick come hell or high water.  Now is not the time to play it safe, so if they need to trade up to get an elite prospect, then do it.

Although talent can be broken down into measurable components (shot, pass, defense, etc.), the one intangible is the player’s mental toughness.  For every world-class talent like Crosby drafted in the first round, there are two dozen Benoit Pouliots.

This is a prerequisite for playing in Montreal.  If we’re top 10 in drafting, I target Galchenyuk, who recently returned from a serious knee injury, so he’s a wild card worth the risk.  If we do reach inside the top 5 however, I would ignore common sense about drafting a Russian and grab Grigorenko at all costs.

Sometimes you draft Doug Wickenheiser, when you should’ve drafted Denis Savard.  But Grigorenko’s talent is exceptional and at 18 years of age, will mature into a great hockey player.


Ask a Bandit : Wing Commander!

Off I go!  Watch my smoke.

Hey duders!  Lovin’ the site!  Rock on bros!

I heard something about Gomez to Toronto for Komisarek and Lombardi today.  

Tell me it’s happening!  Wooo0!


Todd, based on your message, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you look something like this:

The Toddinator

A wise man once told me scum like you should be put in work camps until they come of age, however old that may be.  How would you like that, duderGo sit in your room and cry yourself to sleep tonight knowing only the lamest tools on the planet think it’s cool to TERMINATE their own name.

That said, I have to say, this fabrication is rather ingenious.  See cap hits :

Gomez – a 7.3 hit for two more years vs. Komi – a 4.5 hit for a deuce and headcase Lombardi’s 3.5 hit for a single.

Both teams desperately want to jettison their rejects.  Leafs need a center, Habs need D.  Throw in concussion boy Lombardi to match up salaries, and Boom! However bad Gomez is with Montreal, the Leafs are a better team with him in Lombardi’s spot, and youngsters Jake Gardiner/Cody Franson in place of Komisarek, who was once a good D man alongside Markov during his magic carpet ride with the Habs.

I for one, would love to see that duo back together.  Hey, anything beats the Alaskan Stallion sporting the bleu-blanc-rouge another day.

Hey there, long time reader of your column (snicker) – my Capitals

have been sputtering for the past few games. What are the odds they

will finally move Semin or Green off this stinkin’ team?


Does anyone else want to hunt Barry down and force-feed him a pot of boiling Snickers bars?  Man, I hate hearing Caps fans whine about their All-Star team.  Seriously, you guys need to watch a Winnipeg Jets game and shut the f$%^^ up!

We'll get 'em in 2020 bro.

It’s do or die for the Caps this year.  I doubt any of their stars go anywhere.  In fact, I expect them to add to their bottom 6 come trade deadline.  Semin was only signed for the year, a big sign that he is goner if they don’t win it all this year.  As for Green, he won’t get moved unless they can find his equivalent or better.  

Hey PB Daddy,

Is what I’m reading true about this being the year of the backup goalie? 

Of the following, who do you think will get moved first:  Harding, Schneider, or Bernier?


Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.  Do you know how far I could go with that Daddy comment?  Seriously speaking.  I’ll give you a pass this time around…think next time before you write to us or I’ll show you the Karma Chameleon video on repeat until you wished you were BOY himself…

Moving on…

This backup goalie discussion going around makes me want to liquify my brains with a mallet, step up on an overpass, and spray the goo over oncoming traffic.  CRASH.  (Hell, not much worse than what Montreal drivers face every day).

Oh darn it, that boy's throwing brains on us again.

It’s hard to call Harding and Schneider backups right now considering how underwhelming Backstrom and LOUUUUU have been this year.  If Quick keeps it up, Bernier is a possibility.  Trust me: none of these teams are in any hurry to deal these guys.

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